Elizabeth has a fresh approach to helping children with social and emotional intelligence. She is accessible and professional and finds unique ways to connect with children. She has enhanced the quality of our family life as well as had a positive impact on the social connections my child has made at school
— Heather, Mother
Meeting, and working with, someone as genuine, driven, dedicated and compassionate as Elizabeth has truly been a gift. Witnessing her work has allowed me to see that she is truly an advocate for her clients and their families, empowering them, and enabling them with the tools they need to succeed. She has been a pioneer and a central part of the establishment and continued growth of our department, and her level of commitment and professionalism towards her colleagues has been invaluable.
— - Stefanie Cortina, Speech-Language Pathologist
Elizabeth is a very dedicated person, with a positive and friendly attitude. She is very responsible and has strong abilities to develop rapport with patients and colleagues. She has helped our team to grow, I have no doubt that she is capable to bring the help needed everywhere she will be.

— Douraid Robbana, Psychologist.
I am very fortunate to have met Elizabeth during my search for guidance. Meeting her has been a total game change in this journey called life. She will make you search yourself and see yourself through a whole different perspective. The real perspective of you. Thank you Elizabeth, for giving me the motivation to have the life I deserve.
— anonymous, client

Based on Elizabeth’s experience in working in groups and her performance in facilitating the Kids Can! Program, I requested that she serve as a consultant to review the program and make recommendations for how the program can improve in the upcoming years. Her sensitivity to students needs and her experiences in working with diverse students were instrumental.
— Dr. Heidi Hutman: Project Coordinator, Ometz (2011)

Every level of professional who has witnessed Elizabeth’s work has been impressed by her intra-personal skills, ability to look beyond what is now and what could be in the future, and her balance between caring for and about the children.
— Carol, grade 1 teacher

She is respected by all staff members who are in awe of her amount of work she is able to accomplish and the quality of this work.
— Ivan Colatriano, Principal

Elizabeth has a rare and special gift, she is able to help each child whatever may be his or her special need. She has always treated each child with dignity and respect. Elizabeth has the know-how, the wisdom and the diplomacy to discuss the children’s problems with the parents in such a manner that they listen to her and respect her advice. We witnessed positive results in her interventions in the lives of the children that were intrusted in her care. We, the teachers, consider ourselves very fortunate because Elizabeth inspired us, to keep working as a team and to help each child attain his potential.
— Teachers at Willingdon elementary school