Workshops & Consulting


Workshops & Consulting

agoo Health and Wellness Center

 Director: Family School Services DePARTMENT

Dedicated to promoting the optimal development for children aged from when they are in their mother’s womb to 18 years old. Manages a team of professionals which consists of psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, social workers, psychoeducators, and specialized nurses. The goal is to provide psycho-social and developmental services. This includes support, intervention skills training, prevention, evaluation and therapy using quality collaborative care with a multidisciplinary team. 


A child advocate.

Works with children, adolescents and families that are experiencing a delay in social-emotional skills. Psychopedagogists help identify unsolved problems and help resolve them collaboratively. Works closely with families and children that may or may not be diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Language Impairment. The psychopedagogist’s approach builds emotional intelligence, by finding, and if necessary combining, holistic solutions, such as social-emotional learning, mindfulness and collaborative problem-solving. This process is based on prevention, as well as intervention, through individual and group programs.

Agoo Health and Wellness Centre offers interactive play therapy for children and teens to learn skills to help deal with stress and anxiety. It fosters social emotional learning. Call and book an appointment: 450-687-6888 ext 113 or fss@agoomd.com
3230 Boul. Curé-labelle #305, Laval QC H7P 0H9


2015 to 2018

Edward Murphy

English Montreal School Board


Presenting Elitri's first interactive sensory room creation to help children self regulate their emotions. Evidence based strategy tools and technological materials were carefully selected to make this room be as affective as it is. Thank you Plant Love Grow, Lumo Interactive, space d'eau and  for helping to create this space.

Harmony room:
A creation of a multimedia sensory room using a method to improve self-regulation strategies. 

#WeCare Approach
Focused on social emotional learning, the approach is a combination of the following frameworks:
Ruler (Yale's centre of excellence for emotional intelligence), collaborative problem solving and the four pillars to self regulation.

Individual digital story telling:
Creation of social stories for students with autism and other special needs. With the use of   videos, pictures or cartoons to help children express themselves and learn appropriate skills.  

Individual and group 10-week programs:
With a focus on social emotional competencies, such as peer mediation, self-awareness, social awareness and self-management.

Prix Ensemble contre l’intimidation 2017

Le prix Ensemble contre l’intimidation, décerné par le premier ministre du Québec, permet d’honorer une personne, une organisation et une école ou une commission scolaire qui se sont illustrées par leurs actions dans leur milieu.

Recognized by le premier ministre du Québec, Philippe Couillard, et la ministre responsable des Aînés et de la Lutter contre l’intimidation, Francine Charbonneau, en compagnie du ministre de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport et ministre de la Famille, Sébastien Proulx, et de leurs collègues de l’opposition, le député de Rimouski, Harold Lebel, et la députée de Repentigny, Lise Lavallée, on the #WeCare approach



James Lyng School

Social skills program for at risk dropout teens in collaboration with youth fusion called West end riding. The program was recognized by Réseau Réussite Montréal

Willingdon School

Program development and interventionist focused on anger management, social skills, self-confidence and peer mediation.


Consultant on the ‘Kids Can’ program, a Health Canada funded program for drug prevention for grade 6 students at the English Montreal School board.


Massachusetts General Hospital: Parenting, Teaching and Treating Challenging Kids: The Collaborative Problem Solving Approach (2017)

CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training program(2016)

Yale’s Center of Excellence for emotional intelligence RULER training(2016)

Concordia University: Graduate seminar in College and University teaching (2016)

McGill University: Mindful based clinical practice for practitioner       Person Centered McGill University (2014)

Projects and presentations

School Based MENTAL hEALTH conference: Centre of Excellence for mental health (Quebec) 2017

Presenter: #WeCare Ruler approach at Edward murphy

Supported by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Create a culture within the school that promotes emotional intelligence to cater to our 21st century learners.  


Digibalance (online)

The development of an informative website with a narrative research documentary with a list of resources on how to introduce technology to children. 


Board Game

A creation on an interactive board game catered for teens to help them decide their job interests.

sustainability blog

Collaborative creation of a blog on sustainability in Montreal and Laval community organizations. An article was developed on how organizations need to have more of a digital presence in order to be more sustainable.